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“The World is Where We Live” a video by WWF

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That moment when you accidentally swear in front of your parents.


you’re like;

and they’re like; “what did you just say?”

and then you’re just like; “Fudge! I said fudge”

and then they’re just like;

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that awesome moment when you draw a hand which actually looks like a hand


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It's another night in technicolor: Quick Commissions


Hey guys.

Uhm… I’m in a bit of a financial crisis atm, and am in need of cash pretty quick. I’m not going to be able to cover my expenses for the rest of the month as it stands right now (rent, food, travel, moving, ect).

I’m opening up commissions for headshots, because I do not have the time…

Via a southern miss.

Dear Viiiiiiiiii


For you dear Viiiiii!!!
I’m so sorry…my first gift to you is an emo drawing OTL
Please forgive me.
Thank you so much for your kind words.
You’re a very amazing girl, I sincerely hope you will get to reach to all your wishes and ambitions! GO FOR IT VII!!

To everyone who drop by during the previous LS…thank you so much for your encouragements!
From now on I will do my best :)
Many many thanks! 

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thebirdwonder-deactivated201208 asked: { That's wonderful, then!
Ah, Ari, I need more time with you, you're too cute uaughgkjdh <3
Chan, Alle, Ari, and Lectico (We call him Lettuce ; u ; ) are apparently all a team.. Lettuce doesn't really have a sheet up yet, I don't think, because Veronica is still trying to help draw him <3
We should all meet up in Tinychat sometime! }

Ahh, sorry it’s taken me so long to respond!

I see that’s you’re grounded though D:


I love the idea of my mom sitting and playing with this :oD
(I also just love sitting and playing with this)


sssoooo ffuunnnnnnnn…




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thebirdwonder-deactivated201208 asked: { Ahhh Ari my dear just come to me you are so cuutee <333

So does Ari have a team that he's on? Chan, Alle, and another OC who I forgot the name of were just gonna be one team, if Ari wanted to join in with Chan dkghkh

Unless you already have one, that's cool too fff <3 }

No I want to be on your team, I don’t have any other team! :’D <3

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